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Located at the foot of Baoshi Mountain,  the Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel (Zhejiang Shimao Junlan Dafandian) is a five-star hotel close to West Lake,  Hangzhou's premier tourist attraction.
This Hangzhou hotel houses various room types,  including twin rooms,  queen rooms and suites...[View Detail]

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  • e00030965
    Hotel old nice hotel, breakfast was good
  • simonyam
    Free upgrade to narada Club Suite, great! will stay next time!
  • amydalian
    Bed sheets pillow isn't clean enough smell
  • njdslf
    Traffic is especially convenient, service very good! recommended! next time also lived here, love for breakfast?
  • adp10
    I stayed this hotel for 3 nights. it was really a cozy hotel for entertaining and relaxing
  • ada1120
    Unexpected decline, and was sentenced to two years ago shop
  • Maynard0953
    It's OK
  • lulu677
    Nice, convenient, food very good, cost-effective.
  • e00000733
    A very good environment!
  • SerenaYXL
    Hotel location very good the surrounding facilities business park near the ancillary facilities of the room also good service staff very friendly also will choose next time.
  • tjsunyf
    The traffic is very convenient, to huanglong concert 5-minute walk is enough
  • anjean
    In Hangzhou, the hotel is value for money good, City Center, environment is also good, next time you will choose.
  • tadploe
    First of all, location is very convenient, rooms not large but very clean hotel is very good, consistent with the description service was very good, catering and entertainment, and so on are good; very satisfied, praise!
  • ccc221
    Rooms at times, meeting, dining, and high customer satisfaction.
  • caroljx
    Clean, health, quiet, very good location, just near the West Lake.
  • wuyu25282
    Hotel is very good, but the online booking checkout there was a little trouble
    Can be described as very poor, set by the name fooled, is a breaking exhibition hotel. prices are fictitious. remind staying guests should look at before deciding.
  • lilinsy
    Multiple occupancy, repair old
  • e04224662
    That's no problem
  • annie-paul
    Overall very satisfied! national Lake crowds when you can have a comfortable rest in the hotel is enjoyment. but because distance distance five star standard there are some details so give only four stars, Oh! First hotels is very big and very hard to find, and bridges of various Antiquities and furniture in the lobby feels very comfortable, front desk check in speed pretty fast. rooms small beds quite small and two beds are too small, electric curtains, table Chair is also good,Bathrooms very clean, complete, also has a special mirror! how to adjust air conditioning not cold some uncomfortable. back after going out for dinner a bowl of fruit on the table oh! he's buffet breakfast is definitely a plus! types can also help Oh!
  • lele19870215
    Preferred hotels in Hangzhou
  • e01323685
    Ordered the mountain room, previously lived in the room design is very good, went to the front desk told me to upgrade to narada Pavilion, in almost fainted into ordinary and small room-no design. I almost suspected to have been hoodwinked and upgrades need to be cautious
  • fangweiwilson
    Zambia Zambia Zambia Zambia
  • e00244087
    Very good
  • e00650303
    It wasn't too bad
  • ddlaid
    Good good
  • jiatangcoffee
    Very clean! very nice! bad!
  • jenniferwai
    Clean and comfortable
  • m111897
    Liked the location, hotel good location
  • feiba
    Narada's high quality of service, hotel is a bit old, although a well maintained facilities and equipment, the room clean, rain and tap can be used very well, recommended
  • andrewluo2004
    Good location
  • e01078505
  • a398293886
    Forgot to take pictures, and overall pretty satisfied, praise!
  • e00039373
    Older hotel, room was small, is quite good
  • danjames
    Very good location
  • bettycai2008
    That's no problem
  • larssonsweden
    Hotel convenience, good service
  • jeff1976
    Hotel is a very strong sense of service. where such fierce competition in the hotel industry in Hangzhou, software is sometimes more important than hardware. check out super fast, easy Chinese restaurant on the third floor, acceptable to the consumer. particularly praise the hotel swimming pool service staff. participated in the breaststroke race organized by the hotel that day. their service is great.
  • weiyanggong
    Several airworthy. Second floor restaurant food very good
  • cecily520316
    Very good hotel, has been trusted, repeatedly moved in!
  • robob
    Suite is very high and standard rooms are plain
  • Dragon Dragon
    Good location, service and parking water seriously!
  • beatcool
    Contract provides, 2 o'clock in the afternoon registration staying, second days 12 points check out, I set has 34 a big bed room, 7 a standard double bed room, dang I of friends are Yu afternoon 3-4 points gradually came to hotel Shi, many people was told, to, 30 minutes around of time cleaning room. I and lobby of foreigners reflect, he said is day reception big of groups, today in 2 points around check out, this not they of wrong, hope understanding. this status, I in abroad or domestic of other star hotelAlso never met had, whether meet five star standard? I of friends are met this status, not understanding also have understanding Ah, everyone some in next of Cafe paid drink coffee waiting for, some in lobby patience waiting for, 85 age of elderly also no language, everyone silently to waiting for, hotel fundamental ignored, like this is is natural of. actually, I in 1:30 P.M. on to has hotel, I also didn't see has any big of groups in check out. According to next of a female customer reflect, now of hotelIn order to reduce costs, fewer cleaners, so often happen to clean in time. as a customer, we can understand that the hotel of any difficulties, the problem is, meet customer understanding problems with hotels, with customers should take the initiative to say hi, tea? if this service goes beyond the five-star standards?
  • lps2009
    Environment is very good, atmosphere good, room clean and tidy, staff attitude was friendly.
  • snjwrl
    In a quiet, ideal for business people
  • Anita19082703
    This time lived in Hangzhou for two days the hotel overall is very good. Location in the yellow Dragon Stadium on the edge of Dragon Mountain, mountain view is great view, West Lake scenic area on the side is very convenient. jiaogong road, hang around the road, and there are also many good places, from Lakeside road, is close to the Botanical Garden and the Lingyin Temple, uber past 12 Yuan. Hotel, hotels are five-star lobby and rooms are antique,Commission, is the slightly smaller room toilet bathroom and toilet belongs to the old style, did not see the comments of washlets. staying at night send welcome fruit on the first day, guests can enjoy dinner buffet 50 percent are still attractive. Hotel service is good, guests can also request a baby bed with young children, this not seem cramped. the hotel buffet breakfast great, fried eggs taste good small ravioli can be done free-rice flour mix, replenishment is timely. PositiveBuilding WiFi signal coverage, it is very convenient to use. Finally, swimming pools, 1.7 meters deep, water well, not many people can bring their children to play. Hotel services are in place, problems can be solved immediately, this is a good practice of putting customers first, next time I go to Hangzhou to come here. In General, here is the relatively high cost of five-star hotels.
  • li5721
  • JadeYuan
    Location in Lake of North, had has road is Lake, bus station also is near, to spirit hidden scenic is convenient; room size also is can, mattress is comfortable, facilities compared new, breakfast very rich, service attitude is good, amiable, floors waiter is surface with smile; is are caught up with hotel Kang body entertainment facilities again decoration cannot using compared upset; lobster section of dinner is wants to to eat unfortunately pregnant women can't eat, had to left has regrets.
  • jj9898
    Nice hotel close to the dragon to West Lake hills and scenery you want good
  • rinai1984
    It's not bad